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Painting - Film/Animation Stills

A painting course for movie lovers.

Prerequisite: Intermediate
Age: 16 yo or above
Class duration : 2 hours / Total 4 lessons
Language of instruction: English/Cantonese
Class size : 1-3 students/class
Medium: Gouache/Acrylics
Location: Fortress Hill

For all movie lovers who want to make a painting of your favorite scene from your favorite movie/animation, this is a class for you. Painting from movie stills is a great practice as all the scenes are well thought out by the art director, the colors, the composition, the perspective, the storytelling.... there's so much to learn while painting from it.
You will be guided at all stages and learned to paint in either gouache/acrylics. And you will complete 1-2 paintings depends on the complexity of the reference.

Please go to the Contact page to get in touch with me!

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