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everyday people

Who doesn't like looking at beautiful people? But as an artist, everyday people is far more interesting to draw. I spent a lot of afternoons the past few months at cafes watching people. I usually find myself a hidden corner where I have a good sight of the whole cafe, put on my earphones and play my favorite songs and ready to pick my target subject :) It's indeed quite challenging as they move constantly, I am still working on my speed and accuracy. That's why I do a lot of these sketches with my iPad, a more forgiving medium in environments like this. When I draw, I don't really like having onlookers as I feel like a zoo animal being watched. (My target subjects are being watched by me and I apologize =P )

Side note... I just wanted to say...there are a lot of gossiping at cafes!! Eavesdropping isn't a crime, is it?


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