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For my future self.

The thought of doing a blog here instead of anywhere else is quite simple. Social media is a place I am withdrawing myself from, internet is still great and effective to get information from, and I still love surfing the net, Youtubing and all. But Social media feeds me with info I might not necessarily desire to see, I find myself in a very passive position in terms of that. I could have made good use of the internet to expose my work to the world, but with information overflow on the internet, exposure on Social media doesn't seem to be as effective and manageable as you think. I would like to have everything under my control in a safer environment (I often feel too exposed on social media platforms). If you happen to stumble upon this site and read this post, it's your choice of clicking in instead of it popping up on your Facebook feed, I'd like to leave this choice up to the reader.


Blogging isn't really something just happened out of the blue. I was a heavy blogger back in 2000's. Reading those old blog posts can be really really nostalgic and indulging in the past is always a thing of mine. To let my future self enjoy that feeling, I am going to start blogging again. I will write about anything I want, I may sound very egocentric but this blog is made for myself and only for people who choose to know more about me and what I do. And for you, I will try to categorize my posts for easier sorting. :)


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