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Drawing 101

An introductory course for aspiring artists to brush up their skills.

Prerequisite: None/Beginner
Age: 12-16 yo
Class duration : 1.5hours
Language of instruction : English/Cantonese
Class size : 1-3 students/class
Medium: Pencils/Color Pencils
Location: Fortress Hill

The course will focus on the following design principles: line, values, forms, perspective, and composition. 
A strong foundation of drawing is so crucial and it is the base for all genres of art. Not only does it give you the ability to capture the subject you want to draw, it's also observation training which is a great skill to obtain and will come in handy when you move on to painting in colors.
Mastering a skill takes years and I am not a believer in shortcuts. A lot of people jump start to learn drawing portraits without even learning to do the basics, it will be very difficult for them to prevail in a long run. If you are dedicated to learn and start from the basics, this class is for you!

Please to go the Contact page to get in touch with me!

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